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I hate my best friend...

Posted By Anonymous on Dec 3, 2012 at 12:16AM

So ive known my best friend for four years. We did not start actually getting close until i was about a junior in high school. This is because i was very shy and didnt like to talk about female things if you know what im talking about. she on the other hand talked about sex and all these kinds of things out loud from the top of her lungs. Senior year we became best friends and i later moved in with her. she was my rock and helped me through family issues and was always there. now that i live with her, she is a major bitch. and i say that lightly. she is always talking about how weird i am how i need to lose weight how awkward i am. how stupid i am. i am dyslexic and she wont let me forget it! i am 5'3" and weight about 135. i have a lot of self esteem issues. i find myself fat and what not but at the same i know that its just me being hard on myself and i am in fact not fat, but she never stops making comments. she is always telling me how hot she is and how she is going to be the hottest person at MY wedding. Her boy friend comes over every weekend and sometimes weekdays and when he does i am summoned to my room. i am not allowed to even be in the same room as them. And when i go to my room i cannot come out cause there is a high chance i will walk in on them having sex. i am working on moving out, but my parents cut me off for not moving with them and i am stuck under their paychecks when it comes to student loans so my university cant give me any money. she is always putting me down. she was my bestfriend and now i hate her. ive tried telling her how i feel but she turns it around and says im being a bitch and how rude i am and how i need to be nice to her cause im living in her house with her parents. she is alwsy freaking out over the littlest things. i cry myself to sleep often. and the best part is today is my birthday and she chose to watch tv with her boyfriend and have sex then spend the say with me. i spent it with other people but now i am in my room cause her boyfriend is still over. i dont know what to do. can someone please help. thanks

Need help

Posted By Anonymous on Nov 28, 2012 at 4:05PM

Hi everyone!!! So I will try and keep this short. I met this person girl online that we both fell in love with each other in a very short time. We do the skype thing so we both know the person on the other end is really that person and we talk text etc all day long. I know this is the girl I was meant to be with and she feels the same. We are even talking about having a kid. Well we have never actually met and I think the lack of having a womans feel and touch ( the physical part is breaking me down). Recently a friend of mine asked if she could come over and snuggle. We have always been attracted to each other and I allowed it. We didnt hook up but we did kiss. I feel horrible!!!! I am sick with myself. I feel like I just betrayed my best friend. Its been about 6 months since ive been in love with the girl online and I just wanted to feel that feeling of holding a girl in my arms again. 

 My question is since we havent even actually met should I feel guilt? The girl that spent the night meant nothing to me. I LOVE the one I met online! Should I tell her what happened? If I do it will completely devistate her. I told my friend about it and he says im stupid because we havnt met and she doesnt even live here. Am I being silly? Do I subconsciously not take this relationship seriously because we havnt met? Your thoughts would be great! TY

what to do

Posted By Anonymous on Jul 5, 2012 at 3:19AM

Hard one. Been together over 20 years. My girl (fiance actually) is very flirty which is not a real problem but she has had 6 or 7 very intense outside relationships, visiting their place of business, helping them at work and at their homes. Kind of odd really. This has never affecte dour relationship adversely, but lately she is obsessive about getting together with her ex-fiance of 10 years who contacted her when he was divorcing his wife. Hed visited her at night when she was alone with her mother who is older and has dementia, in otherwords is asleep or out of it and that visit was a secret kept from me. When I found out, I contacted him and let him know this might be a problem and he promised not to see her again. Then after returning from a 3 week trip I visit her at her mother's house and this guy shows up much to her embarassment and I find oujt he has been visiting her a few times a year for two years at night and with her mother out of it\. Now it is very possible it was innocent, it only looks like a tryst or a hookup.

They both think I am crazy for being concerned about her having late night visitors when she is essentially alone.

And she spent an hour and a half with him on that unexpected visit while I waited to see her after a 3 wqeek absence....

I am probabl;y nuts to stay with her but I really do love that girl....

Waiting to Break up

Posted By Anonymous on Jun 29, 2012 at 2:52PM

I want to break up with my boyfriend. But I'm trying to wait until after our vacation. We've had it planned for so long, and I think it just might turn things around. But it could be a recipe for disaster. I'm just tired of his mood swings. 

Condom fell off inside me

Posted By Anonymous on Jun 9, 2012 at 3:07PM

Please leave all judgments and criticisms at the door. 

I didn't know until a few days later when I was on my period that the condom had come off inside of me. It fell out when I was removing a tampon. Is there still a possibility that I'm pregnant even though I had my period? I am going to see my gyno in a few days so I will inquire then, but I was hoping for some *reassuring* and/or *helpful* insight until then? Thanks.

I lied about my debt

Posted By Anonymous on May 25, 2012 at 2:20PM

OK, well not excactly. but I led by bf of 2 yrs to believe that I don't have any debt, when in reality I have $1200 on credit cards and about $5k in loans. It seems not that bad, especially since it's for school. But I feel bad I didn't tell him.

Stuck Between Two Guys

Posted By Anonymous on Mar 22, 2012 at 8:04AM

I'm fickle, I always have been. I have a boyfriend who is very nice to me, fixes things in my house, treats me well and is very devoted. He is not as social as I am, though, and we don't have very much in common. I tend to go out by myself a lot, or with friends, because I like to be around people while he would rather sit at home, though I've always made it a point to invite him. I decided to quit smoking and started hanging around a place for ex-smokers as a support group, where I met this guy who works there. He shares all of my interests, we have a ridiculous amount of things in common, share a lot of the same beliefs and values and we never seem to run out of things to talk about. It's gotten to the point where I'll spend entire afternoons just hanging around and we're going out to dinner tonight with the two other guys who work there. We like all of the same things and he's very social and very comfortable to be around, very easy to talk to and I feel like he understands me better than the person I live with. I feel completely dishonest because I can't bring myself to tell him that I'm living with someone and I'm hiding this friendship from the guy I'm with because I know there's more to it than a friendship. I don't want to act on impulse, but I really feel like I've met my match here, I just don't know what I'm supposed to do. I care about my boyfriend, he's a great guy, I do love him, but I can't help feeling like this guy might be exactly what I'm looking for in a partner.   

Not physically attracted to my boyfriend

Posted By Anonymous on Mar 20, 2012 at 1:05AM

I have been going out with my boyfriend for a while now and things are going quite well. Emotionally we are a great match, he is everything I have wanted in a man though I have always been troubled with the idea that Im not physically attracted to him. Though this does not at all affect our physical relationship which I enjoy very much, I cannot help but wonder about the importance of physical attraction in a relationship. It's not that he's unattractive by any means but I have many social problems one of which I am extremely wary of other people and what they think of me. I am working hard at helping this problem but it means that in public I am quite aware of how other people perceive my relationship. I feel like a right bitch for thinking this way and I wish I could change it but it has made me question this issue of physical attraction. I have always been a firm believer is looks meaning nothing in a relationhip (perhaps due to the fact my favourite book is Jane Eyre) but now that Im in the situation I find myself very confused.

Should my lack of physical attraction be a factor considered? Or should I continue with my relationship with my boyfriend who I am slowly falling for?

Didn't snitch out a "criminal"

Posted By Anonymous on Mar 10, 2012 at 11:05PM

There was this woman who came into my work who was on America's most wanted for check fraud. A coworker recognized her and when I looked her up, it was DEFINITELY her. There was a reward but, she was a friendly customer and she wasn't violent, so we never called her in.