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Need help

Posted By Anonymous on Nov 28, 2012 at 4:05PM

Hi everyone!!! So I will try and keep this short. I met this person girl online that we both fell in love with each other in a very short time. We do the skype thing so we both know the person on the other end is really that person and we talk text etc all day long. I know this is the girl I was meant to be with and she feels the same. We are even talking about having a kid. Well we have never actually met and I think the lack of having a womans feel and touch ( the physical part is breaking me down). Recently a friend of mine asked if she could come over and snuggle. We have always been attracted to each other and I allowed it. We didnt hook up but we did kiss. I feel horrible!!!! I am sick with myself. I feel like I just betrayed my best friend. Its been about 6 months since ive been in love with the girl online and I just wanted to feel that feeling of holding a girl in my arms again. 

 My question is since we havent even actually met should I feel guilt? The girl that spent the night meant nothing to me. I LOVE the one I met online! Should I tell her what happened? If I do it will completely devistate her. I told my friend about it and he says im stupid because we havnt met and she doesnt even live here. Am I being silly? Do I subconsciously not take this relationship seriously because we havnt met? Your thoughts would be great! TY